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Frequently asked questions


Is there a nutrition planner?

Yes we have a nutrition planner with over thousand foods items for you to choose from. They are sorted by brand or as general food products. You can log food in the app and track your macros.

How to change macro goals on the app?

You can change your goals by opening the left side bar in the app and selecting profile.
From their click on goals and after selecting your desired goal click update.

Does the app include meal tracking?

When you join shred we ask for a few details about your goal and measurements. The Shred app then calculates your calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates to reach your goal. The more times you "check-in" on the app, recording your results, the more accurate the diet plan will be in updating your calories to keep you on track. You can log all your food in the app with our nutrition diary.

How to delete food?

You can use the delete icon infront of the added food item to delete it.

Does the app include a food recommendations?

Shred app contains a library of products for our users with detailed instructions and ingredients required.

Extra Features

How To Turn Off Rest Time?

You can turn on rest timer from your account during exercises by clicking "Skip this timer" option.

Steps Tracking?

Keeping the app open during the day will keep a track of all the steps you take and movements.

How can i upload photos to keep track of my progress?

You can upload your photos from your mobile application using the progress photos feature in left side bar of the app.
For premium members Qaiser will use these photos to keep track of the member.

Can i mark any recipe and bookmark it?

Yes, you can click the heart icon on any recipe to mark it as favorite and then view it from left side bar after clicking "Favorite Meals" page.


How do I create my own workout program?

You can create your own custom workouts using the list of exercises in our app simply by going to the exercies tab either from bottom or home page and then clicking the plus icon on the page, then add workout name, go to the next page to select exercises.
You can then assign rest time, sets and weight you intend to use to these exercise.

Is it possible to check reps and weights from previous workouts?

You can checkout the previous workouts of this month from the exercise page, or you can go to left side bar then click profile and then click on "workout history" to see all previous workouts.

Can i add future workouts?

Yes, you can add your future workouts from the list of workouts that you have already created and assign them to the day you want to execute them on. Simply go to the exercise tab and click on the "plus icon" and then choose or create the workout you want to be assign on that day.

Which equipments do i need?

On each exercise page we provide detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise, equipment needed to perform it and a video demonstration of the exercise.

Do you have 6 month - 1 year periodized training cycles?

Currently all programs are for 1 month in premium tier. You can increase the intensity of workouts and change program or goals after a direct chat and suggestion with Qaiser Khan.

Do you have home workouts?

Many of the workouts in our exercise libraries can be done at home using minimal equipments.


What do your provide in premium membership?

Premium membership is recommended for all our users as they get a chance to be managed personally by Qaiser Khan.
Premium tier offers access to Qaiser Khans custom workouts designed specifically for the the goal you choose.
You can share your progress photos directly from the application, to keep with yourself and share with Qaiser so that he and his team can monitor your performance.
Last but not the least, you get access to directly chat and discuss about your fitness from inside the app using our dedicated chat feature.

Which payments methods do your provide to buy premium membership?

We Provide Paymob(recommended for Pakistani users), Strip, and in-app purchases using Google and Apple pay to buy our monthly subscription

Is it possible to do 7 day trial on the app once it’s done before?

We Provide a free tier which includes a feature rich app for daily usage e.g meal tracking, your own exercises regime setup etc.

Refund Apple Payments

Unfortunately, we can not refund Apple payments, Apple does not provide us with a facility to directly refund as they handle everything in house. Here is a link to make the request to Apple directly and they should sort it for you..

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