Privacy Policy


We at Shred commit to protecting the privacy of its users (referred to as User, You, Your) and we (Here “we”, “us”, “its” and “our” refers to Shred Pvt Ltd under the name Shred) respect to keep the personal data of our users confidential. We ensure to be as transparent and clear as possible with regard to the data we collect and keep. This policy covers the sort of information we collect, how it is used, and with whom we share it. Guidance regarding opting out of the policy, changing existing information, and the security of your data is also provided. This Privacy Policy supplements and forms a part of the Shred Terms of Service. Capitalized terms have the meaning given to them in the Terms. The information that is requested at signup is necessary for you to provide in order to avail and get access to the services of Shred. Any missing information or failure to provide complete/ accurate data may lead us to not provide you services and we reserve the right to suspend/block any subscription that contradicts Company Privacy Policy. You may browse certain features of our website/application without revealing any information that enables us to identify you directly or indirectly. However, once you provide us with your personal data we will process it under this Privacy Policy. This policy applied to all websites, applications, and services provided by Shred. This policy does not apply to practices of the company that is beyond the control of the company or to people we don’t manage or employ. Similarly, this policy does not apply to personal information regarding employees at Shred. However, if they choose to use any services provided by Shred, this policy will also be applicable to them.


This Privacy Policy describes the following: Details/Type of the Data that has been collected via Shred Mobile Application (Shred), Website (, blogs or any forum that has been provided by Shred via App or other digital media; How the data is being used based on the information you have provided (including the right to provide promotional offers that may be custom made to best suit you based upon the information we have gathered from you); Sharing and storage of your personal data ; Involvement of third parties; Available options with regard to the use of your personal data; How we secure the privacy of our users and data; How do we retain your data; What happens in case of a change to this policy; Contact us.


The information we collect from you may be in various forms – through your use of our platform or services when you communicate with us on our channels and through third parties. Some of this data might be your Personal Information. Personal information refers to any information that describes you as an individual and helps us identify you. For instance, your name, age, email address, phone numbers, height, weight, waist or any other details of products or services of Shred that you have subscribed to, details of the timing and amount of your payment, and information about how you access our website or any other platform- all are part of your personal information. SHRED COLLECTS YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THE FOLLOWING FORMS: Your personal information which is necessary to open up an account on our platforms (“User Account”) – and it includes information such as your Name, Email Address, Phone, date of birth; Your present country of residence and gender, home address and telephone number; Requirements of data on your physical traits (e.g. weight, height and BMI, measurements, etc.); Data on your Fitness Related Activity provided to you on our Shred Application e.g. time, duration, distance, location, calorie count, the number of classes you have taken, the time you logged onto our website or application, etc.). This also includes information regarding in-studio classes; Any preferences or additional information you may share with us using your account; The information which you voluntarily choose to share or post on the Shred forum; Information about your purchases of products and services from us or our third-party partners who may provide or promote their own products or services through the Platform; Information about your use of the Platform; Communication with us or directed to us via letters, emails, chat services, calls, and social media; Your likes or comments on social media platforms which come under Shred; Your voice or photograph when you use our services especially our in-studio classes; Your call recording when you call our helpline; Shred has the right to conduct surveys and reviews from time to time. These surveys are completely voluntary and any personal information provided through these surveys and reviews is collected by Team Shred and used in a matter which is consistent with this privacy policy; Where you have subscribed to certain services or features on any Platform under Shred (e.g. scheduling your workouts, sharing your progress and activities with peers), any pictures, video, audio, contacts along with your social network information (including credentials and any information from your public posts about Shred or your communications with us); Any data related to the purchase of products or services at Shred (in-person classes, Shred Live or Shred Store) is collected. However, financial information (credit card number, PIN code, etc.) is not stored and any payments made online are strictly processed by third parties. Unless explicitly stated, Shred does not store any financial information of its customers; Your location – we may use the IP address of your computer or device to determine your geographic location which we may use to provide customization to your use of the Platform (e.g. language settings). Any information which is not directly provided to Shred and is posted on any third-party platform will be considered public information and will not be subject to the privacy protections provided in this Privacy Policy. Personal details including your nationality or physical or mental health are considered “sensitive” personal data under applicable Data Privacy Law. We will process any such data only if you have given your explicit consent, or it is necessary (for instance if you request special assistance), or otherwise in compliance with applicable Data Privacy Law. NON-PERSONAL DATA: Alongside personal information, we also gather data that is not personally identifying which we use to know the Product-Market Fit and may help to identify you as to which category you will fall into. This data might be collected when you use our services: we automatically collect such data by the device you use (mobiles, computers such as the model of your device, the brand you are using, operating, and browsing version, language type, etc. This policy doesn’t limit or restrict our collection, disclosure, and use of non-personal data. The data might be collected (either directly through your use of our platforms or indirectly through some third-party partners or providers) in a number of ways to provide you with the service that you request. Children – It is essential that all users of Shred must be of legal age in their respective countries. In case someone under 12 or the legal age in their respective country wants to sign up for our services, they must have consent from their guardian. No one will be allowed to sign up for a User Account on the Platform without verifying that they are 12 years or older.


Your personal information may be used in one of the following ways. 4.1 PROVIDE FEATURES OF THE PLATFORM AND THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES YOU REQUEST: We use the Personal Information which you give us to provide the Platform and the products and services you request, including: Create User Account Allow you to register for services and buy products Provide you with services Communicate with you regarding any issues which may arise or any information that needs to be conveyed (such as product deliveries, service repayment, etc.). Shred tracks all activities you perform on our Platform. We collect and store this information so that you can track your progress. This information may also be used to calculate further information about your activity as part of our services; and If you voluntarily post anything in the Shred groups, the information that you share will remain within those safe spaces. However, that information can be accessed by all Shred users on the Platform. In case the information is leaked via any Shred user, Shred will try its best to have it removed. However, Shred will not be liable for the damages. 4.2 COMMUNICATE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AND FOR OTHER PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES: As part of our promotional campaigns, we will use your Personal Data to provide information that we believe is best suited to you. You may receive these promotions before, during, and after your interactions with us. These campaigns include emails, text messages, newsletters, and phone calls. All of this will be done with your consent, or as otherwise permitted by applicable Data Privacy Law. 4.3 SHARING CONTENT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY Shred may introduce a referral program from time to time where any user may invite their friends or family to use our services. For doing so they will have to enter the relevant person’s contact information, primarily their email address. The user’s information such as their username and contact information will be used to send an invitation to their friends or family. Email addresses provided for this purpose will only be used to send a link for your request along with related content and will not be used by Shred for any other purpose. 4.4 CUSTOMER SERVICE COMMUNICATIONS: We use your data to manage our relationship with you as our customer and to improve our services and enhance your experience with us (e.g. to respond to your inquiries when you reach out to us). From time to time, we may also conduct customer surveys to gauge satisfaction with our Platform and the services and products that we provide. 4.5 ADMINISTRATIVE OR LEGAL PURPOSES: We use your Personal Data to gain insights into our performance as a business, including for statistical and marketing analysis, systems testing, and to diagnose technical and service problems including but not limited to: Developing new products; Ensuring quality control; Verifying user identity; Processing payments and applications; Maintain Shred’s platform; Enforce our policies. 4.6 SECURITY, HEALTH, ADMINISTRATIVE, CRIME PREVENTION/DETECTION, AND LEGAL PURPOSES: Your personal information may be used for identity. We may do so where we feel the need to protect you or Shred, to prevent fraud and other unlawful activities. It may also be shared with government authorities or enforcement bodies for compliance with legal requirements, or as otherwise required or permitted by applicable Data Privacy Law applicable at that time. 4.7 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Your information may be used to create non-identifiable information for the purpose of research and development of products and services at Shred. We may also use this information to improve existing or future products and services. Shred also has the right to conduct voluntary surveys and any information from these surveys may be collected using third-party applications. These surveys will be used to assess the effectiveness of our products and services, communications, and promotional activities. Personal data may be used as anonymous individual data or aggregated data. 4.8 OTHER PURPOSES: Shred may use de-identified information regarding your demographics, location, device, etc. This information may be used to test for analytics, user interests, and internal analysis. Information collected may also be shared with third parties, but it will be anonymous unless otherwise stated. We may also use your Personal Data in other ways, and whenever we do so, we will do so with your consent and in ways that are permissible under the applicable law. Your data will only be used for legal purposes. The primary usage of your personal data will be to enter into a contract with you to provide our services to you under our terms of use.


We may share your Personal Data with the following people for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy: Members within the Shred group to provide you with the services and products that you request for; Business partners who have a contractual relationship with Shred to provide jointly offered products and services. In such cases, the name of the partner organization is listed along with Shred. Other users when you choose to post information in the Forum. The information that you share voluntarily on the platform can be viewed by the Shred community. In case any public platform under or outside the domain of Shred is used, it will be public information that can be viewed by anyone. Government Authorities: Law enforcement bodies and regulators for compliance; Third parties gateway providers who facilitate payment procedures e.g. easy paisa, jazz cash, debit card company, banks, etc.; SHRED MAY DISCLOSE YOUR INFORMATION FOR PURPOSES NOT LISTED ABOVE IF IT FEELS LIKE IT IS NECESSARY FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: For the protection of your, our, or some other person’s safety; To prevent financial loss to Shred; For the investigation of a suspected or actual illegal activity; To enforce all contracts and terms laid out by Shred; To comply with the law and any requests from the courts; If we, in good faith, believe that access, preservation, or disclosure is otherwise necessary or advisable; In case of a sale of the organization or its assets or a merger – if we are involved in a merger, acquisition, financing, reorganization, bankruptcy, receivership, sale of company assets, or transition of service to another provider, then your information may be sold or transferred as part of such a transaction as permitted by law and/or contract.


WEBSITES: Our Services may lead to other websites that do not fall under the domain of Shred. Likewise, other websites may refer to the Shred website. However, Shred does not have a direct link with any of these third-party websites and applications neither do we endorse them unless stated otherwise. These third-party websites and social media platforms are independent sites and we encourage you to go read and go over their privacy policies to be fully aware of the protection of your data. Visiting any third-party website that does not fall under the domain of Shred is purely a risk taken by the customer. PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE PLATFORMS: Shred will not be responsible for any breach of personal data by publicly accessible third-party platforms such as social media blogs, private messaging, video chats, community forums, etc. Additionally, if Shred’s services link to another website or publicly accessible blog or platform, users should be aware that any and all information shared here may be viewed by others without any restrictions, and by interacting with such services users take the risk of personal data being viewed and used by third parties for a number of reasons. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KITS: Shred may use third-party software development kits. These SDKs are part of our services. Shred fitness equipment may contain wireless data transfer capabilities to facilitate pairing to devices using these SDKs and other wearable devices. Your Shred account can also be linked with these SDKs and in doing so you allow cross-sharing of information between your Shred user account and relevant SDKs. Information we share or receive includes your fitness information such as your weight, age, gender, height, etc. Furthermore, if your account is linked and you use our services, then you can choose to share information such as your heart rate, calories, cycling, walking, and running distances, along with the number of Shred classes you have taken through these applications with Shred. If you choose to do so, this information will be used to update your user profile and fitness journey track record. Any information that Shred receives from SDKs is not shared (apart from the methods identified above). However, any information you disclose to the SDKs is governed by their relevant policies and Shred has no control over their usage of data. THIRD-PARTY PAYMENT PROCESSING: Shred does not handle online payments and all online and in-person payments are processed through third-party payment processors such as SimPaisa, Banks, etc. These third-party payment processors may collect information about you on behalf of Shred such as your name, email address, billing address, and any other information which is required by them. All information is strictly obtained by the third-party payment processors and they are responsible for the protection and security of that information. Shred does not obtain, store, or protect any financial information about the user. COOKIES: Shred and third parties which have contracted with us may collect information regarding users through cookies, pixel tags, or other related technologies. These cookies are essentially small codes and snippets of information placed on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other devices regarding your interaction with Shred’s website, services, applications, messaging, and tools, and to recognize you across devices. These tools may be in the form of cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, social media widgets, or Google Analytics. It is important to note that Google Analytics does not provide us with any personal information regarding users. In fact, it reports information regarding user behavior and user demographics. HOW DOES SHRED MANAGE AND PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL DATA? 7.1 SECURITY We aim to protect your Personal Data and to do so we have strict security procedures in place. Our system is designed to protect it against misuse, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure, and accidental loss, destruction, or damage. While we do put in every effort to make sure that your data is protected across all Shred platforms, it is important to note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any unintentional loss of data. In case of any breach of security, the team at Shred will act in the best interest of its users and inform them of any such instances as soon as possible. By disclosing your personal information and using our services, it is considered that you agree to be contacted by Team Shred in case of any instances involving a security breach even if you no longer use our services. 7.2 RETENTION OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA We will not retain your data for longer than is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is being processed. To determine the appropriate retention period, we consider the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the personal data, the purposes for which we process it, and whether we can achieve those purposes through other means. Legal purposes may require us to hold on to some data which we may retain until necessary. Contact information and record of past services used by customers may be used by Shred for future promotional activities as well. Information that you have shared in the Forum (private Facebook group or Shred platform which is not public) will remain with the community even if you no longer use our services. When you choose to delete content that you have posted, it will not be accessible to anyone.

Rights to Use and Opt-Out

You may have the right to access or alter your personal information at any time. This may include the following listed things : Request access to the information we have about you. We will provide you a copy of all information we hold about you so you may check it and request any alterations Request correction about the information you have previously submitted. E.g. your application password reset, change in email id associated, etc. Object to automated decision-making including profiling, that is not to be subject of any automated decision-making by us using your personal information or profiling of you; Request the restriction of processing of your personal information. This enables you to ask us to suspend the processing of personal information about you, for example, if you want us to establish its accuracy or the reason for processing it. Disable notifications and alerts from Shred: If you wish to disable notifications, reminders, and alerts from Shred then you are free to do so by changing the settings on your mobile device. Disable location information: Shred may also be able to access your location while you use our application and in that case, 2.If you wish to exercise your rights related to your Personal Data please contact the Shred Team on the provided Helpline. 3.You also have certain options with respect to the use of cookies and other tracking technologies on our site, including for the purposes of online interest-based advertising. 4.We hold the right to request any specific information from you to check your identity or to ensure the security of the user and to avoid any fraudulent activity with the user account. 5. Although Shred will try its best to make sure users have access to their Personal Information, there may be circumstances in which Shred is unable to provide access, including but not limited to: You may also note that even if you choose to opt-out, we have the right to use non-personal information regarding your activities on our services or from third parties. LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES In case any platform of Shred redirects you to another website or platform, we do not take responsibility for any harm to your personal information that you disclose on that website since this privacy policy is strictly limited to Shred’s platforms. We highly encourage you to read the privacy policy for the respective organization. UPDATES TO PRIVACY POLICY Shred may revise or update this privacy policy at any time in its sole discretion by posting an updated Privacy Policy. And all such changes will be effective from the time they are published and will be applicable to the use of our platform. By using our services and platforms you agree that you have accepted the updated Privacy Policy. In case you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, we suggest you to immediately stop using our services or platform and contact Team Shred to guide you. In case we intend to use your personal information for a reason not listed above, we will contact you via email or call/text to avail your consent while also giving you the right to opt-out based on the updated privacy policy. If you are concerned about how your information is used, bookmark this page, and read this Privacy Policy periodically HOW TO CONTACT US? You are suggested to reach out to us in case of any questions or comments about the use of this privacy policy and how we handle any personal and non-personal information we obtain regarding you. We may investigate and then determine the action necessary for the particular complaint and will respond back within a defined time period as per our company policy to handle complaints and queries. You may wish to provide feedback and share your concerns with us at any time. You may contact us at any time at the provided email address: or may visit us at the nearest branch. Details of our branches can be found at You may also contact us through our website: and drop a request over there via the forms provided at the customer helpline section.


To delete your personal data from the Shred app permanently, email us at or contact our Support at +92 335 5953947. To avoid your account from being deleted accidentally or erroneously by a third-party, instructions regarding next steps will provided over email or by our Customer Support representative. Your account will not be deleted until you follow the instructions. WHAT IT MEANS? Once the request to delete your account is processed, all past information regarding workouts, meal plans, challenges, and leaderboard will be removed permanently. If you wish to start reusing the Shred app, you will be required to sign up and add your personal details again